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Greetings! Welcome to the Sugar Creek website. The items here are designed to inform you of events going on in the church and to help you. If you need more information about items of interest, send me an email and we will try our best to meet that need. 

This Sunday morning the message will be The Truth about the Rapture as we continue with our preparation for the return of our Lord. Join us for worship at 10:15 or feel free to join us for our Facebook Live broadcast at 9:15 EDT. If we are not already "friends," please click here and send me a friend request. That way you will be good to go this Sunday. Click here for a link to the study guide.

This Sunday night we will be in the little book of Jude and examine "the faith once for all delivered to the saints." This will prepare us for our guest speaker next Sunday evening who speak about the JWs. 

At the present time, on Wednesday evening, we are involved in a study of the Holy Spirit. The portion we are into these days is – The Filling of the Holy Spirit. We have looked at The Requirements to Be Filled and The Command to Be Filled. Presently, we are examining The Evidences of the Filling of the Holy Spirit. Come and join us for this important study.

If you would like to make a decision for Christ today, please click here so we can chat further.